Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Project Managers

Erin and Sally have been tasked with directing our merry band of publishers! Erin is directly responsible for Olalla, while Sally is overseeing The Glorious Thing. And no, they did not purposely co-ordinate their outfits.


L-R: Erin Bottomley, Sally Pattle


Departmental Manager: Emma Wilson

Meet the digital team, leading the way in cyber innovation and awkward camera poses. We are responsible for online media as well as creating an interactive eBook and audio book for Olalla. It is an incredibly interesting and rewarding team to be in, and we will be exploring digital material that has not been offered by Napier MSc publishing students before.


L-R: Áine Flaherty, Emma Wilson, Joseph Harris, Morgan Amer


Departmental Manager: Char Bennett

The happy family!  The production team have been hard at work testing designs, creating layouts and having really geeky discussions about sans-serif fonts. They are on the front line of creating our printed books, and have proved themselves an exceptionally talented bunch!


Back row L-R: Char Bennett, Mark Goodwin, Adam Mulholland
Front row L-R: Rebecca Laycock, Juliane Schmidt


Departmental Manager: Morgan Amer

The rights team are responsible for making sure we don’t all go to jail for copyright infringement. In doing so they have been very busy researching contracts and generally getting to grips with this important aspect of the industry.


L-R: Emma Holak, Morgan Amer, Thomas Storr

Marketing and Distribution

Departmental Managers: Lindsey Flannigan and Niamh O’Brien

Market research has been imperative to our decision making, so these girls have been hard at work from day one!  By focusing on our key markets, they have created distribution material of an incredibly high standard that reflects our passion for the project and the quality of of our work as a whole.


L-R: Lindsay Flannigan, Louise Thirion, Niamh O’Brien


Department Manager: Bree Bauman

The editorial team are a cheery bunch, and have been working hard on editing our chosen texts and securing contributors. Team work and attention to detail are crucial to their role, as well as a lot of coffee.


Back row L-R: Emma Holak, Thomas Storr, Bree Bauman
Front row L-R: Sarah Glidden, Sally Pattle, Keren McGill


Departmental Manager: Aine Flaherty

These poor souls are responsible for the project piggy bank, but they are withstanding the pressure admirably! Not only do they divvy up the funds that have been generously donated by The Edward Clark Trust for our sister project The Glorious Thing, they are also currently raising funds for Olalla. 


L-R: Áine Flaherty, Niamh O’Brien


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