Robert Louis Stevenson’s Olalla, written in 1885, tells the tale of a nameless British soldier who falls in love with a strange and alluring woman Olalla. Wounded and recovering in a Spanish hospital, our protagonist’s doctor recommends that he goes to stay with a noble family whose name has fallen into decline. Little does he know that the family also hides a terrible secret. When he first lays his eyes on the daughter Olalla he falls desperately in love with her and she with him; all sanity and reason, on his part, are forgotten and he is consumed with love for her. Yet, as the events of his stay unfold, the family’s vampirism is exposed when the soldier brutally injures himself in a desperate act of passion towards her.

This dark and tragic novella, which precedes Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is one of love, loss and tragedy.

Our new edition will bring this forgotten novel – by one of Scotland’s most famous writers – to the forefront of literary attention, targeting both vampire fiction enthusiasts and English language students.


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