Robert Louis Stevenson Day

Today is a special day for us at Olalla HQ as it marks the 163rd birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson. However for the past three years it has become more than the anniversary of his birth thanks to Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Literature and Writing (CLAW) and the Edinburgh Unesco City of Literature. Together they have organised Robert Louis Stevenson Day in order to celebrate the life of one of Scotland’s most well loved authors.


Various events have been taking place this week to commemorate the day and tonight this culminates with An Evening with Robert Louis Stevenson at the Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh.

Stevenson’s works are known across the globe but some have unfortunately been overlooked, which is something that we feel passionately about. As you know (or you should!) we have been working to republish Olalla, the gothic tale of love, loss and tragedy and this new edition aims to bring this forgotten tale to the forefront of Stevenson’s work.

Thanks to the support that we received from our generous Sponsume backers we are able to give Olalla a new lease of life with a printed book, a digital edition and an audio version. Jeremy Hodges, author of the serialised biography of Stevenson, Lamplit, Vicious Fairy Land, has written the introduction for our new edition while Ken Macleod has provided the voice for our audiobook. With these wonderful contributors, we hope you are as excited as we are for this upcoming publication.

Our team are working to put the finishing touches to Olalla, so keep an eye on this website and our twitter and facebook for upcoming developments with our project.


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